Technical specifications of

The material has excellent strength characteristics and is highly abrasion-proof, non-toxic, does not cause allergies, is resistant to aggressive substances, it is similar to natural cloths in terms of tactile perception.
The material is made in different colors and may have antistatic properties.

Type of material
  • SS
  • SSS
  • SMS
Composition 100% polypropylene
Density SS,SSS 12-90 g/m2;
SMS 12-70 g/m2
Properties water repellent
Maximum roll width SS, SMS — 3,2 m
SSS — 4,2 m
Color as agreed with a customer
Additives are not used


Furniture industry

  • isolation of spring blocks,
  • separation layer,
  • drapery,
  • mattress covering material

Textile industry

  • lining material for bags, backpacks, pencil cases, briefcases,
  • wardrobe covers for clothes and covers for head rests,

Packaging material for non-food products