Technical specifications

The material is not toxic, does not cause allergies, is suitable for sterilization, is resistant to aggressive substances, it is similar to natural cloths in terms of tactile perception but better in terms of strength and breathability. The Reicofil technology allows to produce material of low density, while maintaining the barrier properties and strength characteristics of the material.
The material is made in different colors and may have antistatic properties; products made of this material can be sterilized.

Type of material
  • SS
  • SSS
  • SMS
Trademark CREATEX® MED
Composition 100% polypropylene
Density 10-60 g/m2
Properties water repellent, enhanced tactile properties
Maximum roll width SS, SMS — 3,2 m
SSS — 4,2 m
Color as agreed with a customer
Additives as agreed with a customer


Disposable products for the needs of medicine:

  • medical overalls,
  • hair covers,
  • boot covers,
  • face masks,
  • disposable underpads,
  • disposable clothes and underwear