NETKANIKA, LLC has joined the Russian Union of Entrepreneurs of Textile and Light Industry

NETKANIKA has joined the Russian Union of Entrepreneurs of Textile and Light Industry (SOUZLEGPROM). The decision was made at the meeting of the Association Board.

SOUZLEGPROM is the largest industry organization that unites domestic light industry enterprises and represents their interests in Russia and abroad.

NETKANIKA’s portfolio includes three types of non-woven materials: multilayer spunbond, SMS and meltblown, which serve as the basis for the production of medical products, as well as children’s and adult hygiene products. The company produces more than 1 billion square meters of non-woven fabric per year.

«We thank our partners in SOUZLEGPROM for their cordial welcome to the team of professionals. Each company’s experience is valuable and sharing it is especially important. NETKANIKA has accumulated enough knowledge about the production of nonwovens, optimization of technological processes and introduction of new product brands, and is ready to share this knowledge. NETKANIKA products are used by hundreds of manufacturers of personal protective equipment and disposable clothing, workwear for representatives of different professions. Our materials are used in the production of mattresses, furniture, bags and covers. We are always happy to provide consistently high quality to our consumers. Joining SOUZLEGPROM has become some kind of confirmation of professionalism for the company,» commented Rifkat Galimzyanov, General Director of Netkanika, LLC.