Netkanika expands its presence in the EU and the CIS markets

Netkanika LLC has completed the purchase of the assets of Regent NM, Inc, and thus became one of the largest Russian producers of nonwoven materials. Currently Netkanika products are supplied to clients in Russia, Poland, the Czech Republic and Italy. The acquisition allows expanding the presence of Netkanika in the EU and the CIS markets. The production capacity is more than 20 000 tons per year. The factory occupies the territory of 7.7Ha and is equipped with efficient heating and electrical systems, modern disposal of waste materials and has the necessary infrastructure needed to increase and diversify production in accordance with clients’ needs up to 60 000 tons per year.

The goal of the management team of Netkanika is to leverage its successful proven expertise in the operation and development of polymers and polymer materials in developing the business. Igor Esin, member of Netkanika’s Board: «The successful completion of this asset will increase operational stability of existing operations, increase the quality of production and eventually increase production volume, diversify product offerings and improve service to our clients. Netkanika LLC is implementing additional quality controls and efficiency measures that will increase both labor productivity and the salaries of the company’s employees. Aynur Aydeldinov member of Netkanika’s Board: «The modern production system of Netkanika LLC allows us to produce high-quality nonwoven material used in manufacturing hygiene products for children and adults, clothing for medical personnel, and other purposes. Netkanika LLC produces durable nonwoven material with a density of 8g/m2 with high tactile characteristics.  We are pleased with the successful acquisition that will ensure development of the factory and satisfaction of the needs of our clients.