Automatic production lines

The manufacturing facility of Netkanika is equipped with two high-tech lines for the production of nonwoven materials: Reicofil 3 and Reicofil 4 provided by the German company “Reifenhäuser GmbH&Co. KG”. This technology provides high strength characteristics and excellent tactile properties, such as softness for the manufactured materials.
Both production lines are equipped with automated cutting systems providing accurate cutting of rolls of various widths, depending on customer requirements. A “Trascar” (Italy) robotic center provides automatic product packaging. Warehouse facility of over 5000 sq. m2 is designed and operated according to the GMP standards. All production lines are equipped with a modern ISRA video monitoring systems and metal detectors.


Production technology


Two Spunbond layers


Three Spunbond layers


Consistently high quality for product of all specifications
Material density 8 g/m2excellent tactile and durability properties
Automated control of manufactured products


The production technology allows to manufacture non-woven materialof SS type (two layers of spunbond), SSS (three layers of spunbond) and SMS (spunbond-meltblown-spunbond). An important advantage of the selected equipment and production lines is the ability to produce nonwoven material with a low thread thickness of up to 1.1 D and low density, which is especially important in the production of hygiene products, baby diapers and medical clothing.



The in-house laboratory is equipped with the most innovative measuring instruments, test and auxiliary equipment that meet international standards. Laboratory experts provide product quality control using various parameters:

  • tensile strength,
  • tearing strength,
  • thread thickness,
  • air permeability and reverse transmission of the material,
  • tactile properties,
  • rigidity,
  • water column pressure,
  • color spectrometry,
  • friction coefficient and resistance to wear,
  • electrostatic surface resistance,
  • resistance to UV radiation, etc.

R&D experts develop new types of material in accordance with current trends and customize our products.


Quality Assurance

Our production lines as well as auxiliary equipment guarantee high quality of the material produced. Both lines are equipped with the automatic control systems that monitor the material for defects 0.5 mm or larger in diameter. The system is designed to detect and reject the material with any defects during the production cycle prior to reaching the laboratory control stage.
For production of water retaining materials the refracto meters are used on both lines – instruments designed to determine quickly and accurately the concentration of a water retaining additive. The manufactured material is strictly inspected in the laboratory before moving to the warehouse.